I consider the work I do to be a very intense work-out for your body. Your muscles will be worked thoroughly, stretching and breaking through stubborn knots. Just as with exercise, we will be tearing apart muscle fibers so they can rebuild properly lengthened and supple. The level of depth is dependent on your physical health. The treatment, just like a work-out, must be catered to one’s ability to breath through uncomfortable physical and psychological pain. In order to maximize the benefits of each session I listen very acutely to your breathing and tension in your body to gauge what pressure to apply.  My goal is to push you as close to your limit as possible without going over your edge. Too much pressure, when you are not in a place to receive the work, will only cause your body to tense up, wasting both of our time and energy. Your body will tell me when its too much, even when your mind wants to go further.


Pain is an interesting subject. In order to address our pain it is important to know what kind of pain we are dealing with. Pain, and our ability to sense and manage it, is a great tool as we navigate our physical world. The pain we feel from something very hot or sharp tells us to remove ourselves from the situation. This is the kind of pain we should try to avoid. Another kind of pain is that associated with exercise. Anyone who works out has experienced the discomfort/pain of intense physical exertion. This exertion is actually damaging the muscles as fibers are worked till failure and minor tears happen. The body heals with adequate rest and nutrition, getting stronger and more resilient. A third kind of pain is psychological pain. As a society we tend to run from pain and attempt to hide any discomfort that develops. Our bodies and muscles end up being the carpet we sweep these ‘scary’ feelings under in an attempt to avoid facing them. They can fester in the body for years, even decades, before eventually manifesting externally by disrupting organ and system functions. This could be something simple like a pinched nerve to something complex like a failure of major organ/system.

During the work I do, we will be dealing with the latter two forms of pain.


When we can effectively face our pain and allow the scary feelings to pass, our muscles relax and lengthen. This decreases the effort we exert keeping our muscles tense while allowing more energy to travel through our bodies. A decrease in stress allows the body to operate more effectively and efficiently. All of the major systems will improve, especially increases in circulation. More blood to your cells leads to increased calmness leading to greater health.